Refuse – Collection Service

Recycling bin (blue top)

Yes please:

  • all plastic containers including: yogurt pots, margarine & ice cream tubs, food trays (any colour) all bottles (Image of the blue top recycling binany colour) including drinks, household cleaning, personal hygiene & shampoo bottles, container lids (please remove lids and place them in the recycling bin separately)
  • paper: including shredded paper contained in a paper bag or sheet of newspaper, paper with staples or glue and envelopes with windows & stamps
  • cardboard: a bundle of cardboard boxes, as long as they are flattened and tied with string, can be placed next to your bin for collection
  • cans, tins & aluminium foil
  • glass, bottles & jars of any colour – do not wrap or bag your glass even it is broken. Glass such as broken wine glasses or windows cannot be recycled.

No thanks:

  • cling film, plastic toys, flower pots, carrier bags, polystyrene, tetra-packs (e.g. milk and juice cartons), food, garden waste, shoes, clothing and textiles, batteries, aerosols and foil.

Some of these items can be taken to your local recycling bank, the tip or another option. See our |Recycling A-Z for where to take these items.


Food binImage of food waste bin

Yes please:

  • meal leftovers
  • fruit & vegetable peelings
  • meat & fish
  • bones, fat & gristle
  • rice, pasta, beans & cereals
  • cheese, yogurt & eggs shells
  • tea bags & coffee grounds
  • bread, cakes & pastries
  • mouldy & out-of-date food
  • nuts & their shells

No thanks:

Please do not put in packaging of any sort, plastic bags or liquids including oil or fat.


Landfill (refuse) bin (green top)

Nearly everything that is thrown into this bin goes to landfill so please check first to see if it’s something that could be recycled or composted.Image of refuse bin

Yes please:

  • rubbish that cannot be recycled using any of our other services
  • aerosol sprays
  • disposable nappies
  • pyrex
  • pet waste
  • clingfilm
  • flower pots
  • plastic bags

No thanks:

Any items of waste that we do not collect, you may be able to take to a |Community Recycling Centre (‘the tip’)


Elmbridge provides a fortnightly domestic waste collection for households. To check your collection schedule please use our |My Neighbourhood feature. Simply select the |“My House” tab, enter your postcode or address, and choose your property number from the list below to identify your collection day details.

The standard method of collection is from a wheeled bin for hygiene and safety reasons. We only collect refuse contained in your bin. Any refuse sacks or boxes placed alongside or on top of the bin won’t be removed. This is to discourage leaving waste which could be pulled open by foraging animals. If you have too much waste, please take it to a |Community Recycling Centre (‘the tip’). Nearly everything that is thrown in your refuse bin goes to landfill so please make sure that it’s not something that could be recycled or composted.

|Visit our refuse collection page for further information.

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