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Community matters

Press release from Elmbridge Borough Council 4th July

In an attempt to reduce thefts from cars across Elmbridge , the Community Safety Partnership is relaunching its Vulnerable Vehicle Scheme. For further information contact the Community Safety Team by email or telephone 01372 474399.

Community Volunteer Help

The Council always need volunteer drivers for the frozen meal service . There are a number of services that are available if you are elderly or infirm e.g. if you have a dog then there is volunteer dog walking service.

If you are doing your Duke of Edinburgh Award please note that the volunteer service which is overseen by the council may count towards your award. Also do not forget there is the Elmbridge “handyman “ service available too.

Please contact Voluntary Sector Support Officer on 01372 474549 for further information.

Policing your Neighbourhood in Elmbridge

The Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team is there to help people in the community feel safer and to act as contact point for residents where they can report and discuss any local community safety issue.
You can speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood Team about:

  • Graffiti, littering, abandoned vehicles, poorly-lit areas or any other aspect of the appearance of your neighbourhood;
  • Anti-social behaviour or vandalism;
  • Any information you may have on criminal/suspicious activity occurring in your area
  • Community development i.e. Neighbourhood Watch schemes, Residents’ Associations
  • Suggestions on how to increase the safety in your area;
  • Any other local policing or community safety issue.

Each SN Policing Team in Elmbridge has its own webpage which includes news and updates for the area, local officers’ contact details and information for future meetings and surgeries. The Teams are very friendly and approachable and want to help you solve the problem. They can make reassurance visits to you at your home or business to discuss an issue. To find your area neighbourhood page, visit their website; Contact Surrey Police

Parking Issues

Dear Resident, we have received a large number of complaints in regards to vehicles parking down Old Avenue waiting gt to enter St George’s Hill in from approximately 7.00AM in the morning.

We are aware of the issue and Police have made many attempts to deal with this issue before but have no legal powers to prevent the vehicles parking down the road unless they are obstructing dirveways. If a vehicle is ever preventing you form exiting your driveway call the Police.

We have spoken ti the security at St George’s Hill about the matter and we are working together to find a compromise, EG: Asking drivers to switch their engines off when waiting. If this does not succeed then Elmbridge Council will get involved in regards to the vehicles causing a nuisance.

Shooting Star CHASE

Shooting Star CHASE is a children’s hospice service, supporting local families with a child or teenager not expected to reach their 19th birthday. They currently help over 500 families living in West London, Surrey and West Sussex. They are committed to caring for these families and are there for every step of the journey, sharing the good times, and helping them through the tough times with practical, nursing and emotional support.

Families receive support free of charge, 365 days a year in their own homes, communities and at their children’s hospices. With no guaranteed Government funding they must raise £23,000 a day to continue a vital service.

The fundraising office of Shooting Star CHASE has relocated to Weybridge and volunteers are needed in the reception area. If this interests you visit :


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