Corbie Wood Stop Order – Update

Back in April this website reported that Corbie Wood, Seven Hills Road, was believed being prepared for future development by a speculative developer in the hope that this or any future Government cave into pressure from the building industry and allow building in the Green Belt.   A 28 day Stop Order was applied by Elmbridge Council while the legal position was established concerning the tree felling taking place within this protected woodland.  Subsequently, the Council Enforcement team determined that the trees were being removed legitimately as they were dangerous and shallow rooted and had been growing on hard standing which dated back to WWII.

However further complaints were received by SGHI Councillors and by the Planning Enforcement team in respect of continued tree clearance and the erection of buildings.  It then became apparent that the tree clearance works had gone beyond the areas of hard standing and beyond what might have been considered necessary to maintain Health and Safety, and that these trees had been removed without formal consent being gained and without any prior notification to the Council.  It was also discovered that 2 wooden framed buildings had been erected without planning permission.

A second Stop Notice issued by the Enforcement team has required the cessation of building activity and engineering operations together with stoppage of any further site development.  This Notice has successfully prevented any such further works occurring. The buildings have been removed and the tree felling has ceased.  The Council is seriously considering further legal action over the tree destruction.

More information about this topic can be found in the Summer edition of the SGHI Newsletter which will shortly be on distribution across the Ward.