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Enterprise Elmbridge: Council reaches out to the business community via LinkedIn


Elmbridge Borough Council are reaching out to the business community through social media by setting up their own group in LinkedIn.  Enterprise Elmbridge has been recently created to increase interaction between the Council and local businesses.


A LinkedIn group is an opportunity for the Council to reach out to all local businesses.  Although Elmbridge is a small Borough, it is home to a large number of companies, ranging in size from multinationals to freelance professionals.  The Council already works closely with business groups such as the Elmbridge Business Network, but social media will allow them to engage with a wider network of businesses directly.


The LinkedIn group will offer discussions, opinion polls and provide relevant information improving communications between the private sector and local authority.  Group members are also encouraged to  make use of the virtual network and communicate with each other too.  This is just one way the Council wants to support the local economy.


The “Enterprise Elmbridge” group is open to LinkedIn members working in Elmbridge-based businesses.  The group is monitored by Elmbridge Borough Council.