Elmbridge Pubwatch Insurance

The Elmbridge Community Safety Partnership has approved funding for the purchase of professional indemnity insurance for the Pubwatch groups of Esher, Cobham, Weybridge, Walton and Molesey which operate within the Elmbridge area.

In total, 51 licensed premises meet on a regular basis to discuss issues affecting the licensing trade. They then take collective action to ban individuals from their premises who are responsible for criminal or other antisocial behaviour either in or connected to their premises.

Peter Kipps, Elmbridge Community Safety Partnership Manager, said: “Licensees have a common law right to refuse service or ban individuals from their premises. The Pubwatch members seek to make these bans more effective by taking collective action in order to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in their communities by stopping trouble-makers moving from one venue to another. This has proven to be much more effective, but one or two cases across the country have been made the subject of legal challenge which raised member’s concerns.

The Community Safety Partnership was approached for funding for professional indemnity insurance and we are pleased to be able to assist for this year. Unfortunately, we are unable to make a longer term commitment due to reduced government budgets affecting Partnerships but hopefully this year will give enough time for a trade sponsor to come forward or to put in place a membership contribution. The Pubwatch members are acting responsibly and taking an active role in preventing antisocial behaviour. The message is clear, if you act violently, deal in drugs or cause problems you are likely to be banned from all the licensed premises in the area, not just the one in which you get caught.”

Any licensed premises who are not yet members of a Pubwatch and who would like further information can contact the Community Safety Partnership on 01372 47 4399.