Here are some brief updates from Weybridge Policing Team.


· Vehicle Crime is our main priority for Surrey Police in 1Q 2013. Auto Crime Campaign will run for 4 weeks which will target all known offenders and vulnerable sites. We are reminding all motorists to secure the vehicle even they are parked on their driveway. As you know, all contents and valuables can be GONE IN 60 SECONDS!

· Burglary is still what we are heavily working on. Weybridge is still suffering from residential burglaries. We have made some great arrests recently and will continue to monitor, arrest and prosecute everyone committing burglaries.

· There has been some monitoring and enforcement action on Old Avenue re Lorries causing obstructions. Drivers are being asked to move on if seen blocking the driveways. All actions are recorded and persistent offenders will be given a fixed penalty notice for causing unnecessary obstructions.

· Walton Lane is another area for the local team and Road Policing team have been working on. Recently a lorry has been stopped for using this road as a shortcut and was given a fixed penalty notice. There will be regular police presence on this road to make sure over-weight lorries are not using this road as a short cut. There will be some speed-enforcement along Walton Lane by local and Road Policing team.

· General anti Social Behaviour is another issue local team is fully aware of. There are constant ASB patrol in Weybridge and they will NOT be ignored by officers. We would ask all residents to call 101 to report ALL ASB in Weybridge.


Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact myself or dial 101 to make contact with Elmbridge SNT in Esher.


Next Police Panel Meeting will be held on 20th March 2013 at 7:30pm.

Please join us to express your local issues.