It’s been a while since I posted on here. The grandchildren Emily and Finley are now 14 wks and 11 wks. It’s amazing how quickly they grow which makes buying clothes a regular occurrence.

Saturday 25th Southampton FC lost away to Bristol City for only the third time this season so let’s hope it’s a wake up call. ¬†On the subject of football, Stompond Lane, the home of Walton & Hersham FC and Walton Athletics Club, is growing rather tired and desperately needs funds for an upgrade. Various alternatives have been explored including moving home to a site adjacent to the Exel Centre in Waterside Drive, Walton. ¬†Another suggestion is to sell part of Stompond Lane for housing which will partly fund a revamp of the existing site. A solution needs to be found but what needs to be at the fore font of any final decision is what will happen to the open green space at Stompond Lane which has been a green space in a urban sprawl and the home of football since the 1930s. Overdevelopment of the site will have serious implications on the infrastructure of the whole area.

Before I go, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.


Mike Murdoch