Queens Road Flooding Update
For some 10 years Cllr Peter Harman, Charles Refoy and local residents have been demanding action to solve the ongoing problem of severe flooding along Queens Road between Seven Hills roundabout and Haines Bridge. In August 2004 Cllr Harman instigated a CCTV survey by Thames Water, of the surface water sewer into which the road gullies discharge through lateral pipes,(these are pipes that run form the roadside gulley to the mains). This proved that these lateral pipes were blocked solid because of years of neglect.

The gullies may have been flushed out, but the lateral pipes had not been cleared out. These are the sole responsibility of Surrey County Council. Some two years before this SCC Highways promised to clear the gully and lateral pipe outside Grange Cottage (circa 1850) where the flooding was the worst. On 26th January 2011 there was a meeting, led by Cllr Harman, with local residents and Senior Representatives of SCC Highways to inspect the blocked gullies and discuss the matter. As a result of this, immediate authorisation was given to dig up the lateral pipes outside Grange Cottage, which was completed on 27th January 2011.

The lateral pipe was replaced as it was not only blocked, but also broken, which proved to be very successful as on 10th February it rained all day and there was no flooding in this particular gully. In order to solve the continual flooding in the whole area similar action will be required to all the other gullies and lateral pipes.

We will continue to campaign on your behalf on this matter.

Mike Murdoch